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HC Starck Company of Germany introduced reduced tungsten powder for additive manufacturing

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May 15,2024.

SAT NANO participates in the 17th International (Guangzhou) Surface Treatment Electroplating and Coating Exhibition

SAT NANO participates in the 17th International (Guangzhou) Surface Treatment Electroplating and Coating Exhibition in 2024 The 17th International (Guangzhou) Surface Treatment Electroplating and Coating Exhibition in 2024 will be held from May 15th ...

April 28,2024.

Notice of May Day Holiday in 2024

Dear valued customers,  We would like to express our gratitude for your ongoing support to our company. We would like to inform you that the May Day holiday in 2024 will be from May 1st to May 5th. During this time, our operations and services w...

April 16,2024.

SAT NANO Showcases Latest Nanopowders at the 135th Canton Fair

SAT NANO is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair). As a leading provider of high-quality nanopowders, SAT NANO will be showcasing our latest offerings, including nanopowders of metals, ...

April 8,2024.

Gold powder has recently increased significantly, resulting in a significant increase in costs

Recently, with the continuous increase in international gold prices, the domestic retail price of gold has also been continuously rising. After the jewelry gold price broke through the 700 yuan mark on April 3rd, the topic of "jewelry gold price appr...

March 19,2024.

2024 Summit Forum on the Application of Advanced Ceramics in the Semiconductor and New Energy Fields

Advanced ceramic materials, as an important component of new materials, are not only widely used in high-tech fields such as communication, electronics, aviation, aerospace, and military, but also have rapidly developed in the semiconductor and new e...

March 8,2024.

The 16th China International Powder Metallurgy and Hard Alloy Exhibition in 2024

The China International Powder Metallurgy and Hard Alloy Exhibition (PM CHINA) is an annual flagship event in the global powder metallurgy industry. Since its inception in 2008 with just a few hundred square meters of exhibition space, the event has ...

February 19,2024.

Good Start of 2024 - SAT NANO Resumes Production!

Hello customers, and welcome to our blog! We are SAT NANO, a professional provider of metal powders, carbides, and oxides. We hope you had a fantastic Lunar New Year, and we are excited to announce that we are officially resuming production on Februa...

January 26,2024.

Spring Festival Holiday Notice 2024

Dear valued customers, We at SAT NANO would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for your continued support and partnership with us. As we approach the year 2024, we would like to inform you that our company will be taking a break for the upcomi...

December 29,2023.

Celebrating New Year's Day 2024 with SAT NANO

SAT NANO, a professional nano supplier, is excited to celebrate the upcoming New Year's Day holiday in 2024. As a company that provides various nano powders including metal powders, oxide powders, carbide powders, and alloy powders, SAT NANO is grate...

December 25,2023.

Celebrating Christmas 2023 with SAT NANO

As the year 2023 approaches, it's time to gear up for the upcoming Christmas celebrations. This joyful occasion brings warmth, happiness, and the opportunity to celebrate life with loved ones. Moreover, it is the perfect time to reflect on the year g...

HC Starck Company of Germany introduced reduced tungsten powder for additive manufacturing

May 8,2023.

HC Starck, a subsidiary of Masan high-tech Materials Group, is providing tungsten powder and complementary innovation services for additive manufacturing under the starck2print brand. High fluidity and optimized particle size distribution have been reported to make the powders particularly suitable for AM processes, such as electron or laser beam powder bed fusion (PBF-EB and PBF-LB) .

Starck2print powders are produced by reducing tungsten oxide in a hydrogen atmosphere. Since the product is always kept in high purity, this process contributes to a stable quality of production at the customer factory. The company's extensive recycling expertise also allows it to create a closed loop in which tungsten components are recovered from used additive parts and reused as raw materials. “We believe tungsten metal has considerable potential for 3D printing,” said Laura Handy Seyeda, chief executive. Building our brand underlines our expertise and ambition in this area of innovation growth.”

The high specific gravity alloy of tungsten takes advantage of the high density, mechanical damping, high absorption of ionizing radiation and easy processing of the metal. Such alloys are used as mass balance and damping components in aircraft manufacturing, engines and power plants, and as flywheel mass and centrifugal weights in machinery and equipment manufacturing. They are also used in medical technology to shield and focus x-rays and ionizing radiation in measuring equipment. High heat resistance and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity make tungsten-copper alloys suitable for high performance electrical switch contacts, such as radiators in the electrical industry, or as discharge electrodes. In addition, pure tungsten is used in coating industry as crucible material and sputtering target material, as well as heating element and heat shield of high temperature furnace. HC Starck manufactures tungsten metal powders by reducing tungsten oxide in the presence of hydrogen.

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