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July 1,2022.

Customized service about SAT NANO Nanomaterials

In addition to supplying some conventional nano-powder nano-materials, SAT NANO can also customize nano-materials for enterprises according to customer requirements, helping enterprises to upgrade their products. Specific services include: 1. Customi...

June 6,2022.

Low-cost manganese dioxide semi-solid electrodes for flow batteries

Manganese dioxide (MnO2) is abundant in reserves and inexpensive, and is expected to be used as a semi-solid electrode for long-life energy storage technologies such as flow batteries. However, the pumping requirements of semi-solid electrodes are mo...

April 19,2022.

New products and new technologies, SAT NANO provides various nanoparticle dispersions

The dispersion of nanomaterials has always been the key and difficult point in the application of nanomaterials. If nanomaterials are not sufficiently dispersed, the characteristics of nanomaterials cannot be exerted. SAT NANO technical engineers hav...

April 15,2022.

SAT Nano: How to realize the industrialization of precious metal nano powder materials step by step?

Precious metal nanomaterials, as a new class of materials, are used in various fields such as electronics, chemical industry, machinery, energy, metallurgy, ceramics and transportation, biology and medicine. The industrialization of precious metal na...

March 2,2022.

What is the market demand, industry output and development prospects of nano copper powder?

Nano copper powder is red brown or black powder. The copper atoms in nano copper powder are the same as those in ordinary copper powder, but the copper particles of nano copper powder are small, and the chemical properties are more active. Nano coppe...

December 16,2021.

SAT NANO shoulders the development mission of micro-nano silver powder industry with the spirit of craftsmanship

As an upgraded product of micron silver powder, nano silver powder is widely used in electronic pastes, bioengineering, optical materials, inorganic antibacterial materials, etc. Micron silver powder has great market prospects in high-end silver past...

August 3,2021.

SAT NANO established the spherical tantalum powder medical application division

Since its establishment, SAT NANO has adhered to the development idea of "specializing, specializing and new", giving full play to the advantages of high-quality refractory metal spherical powder preparation technology, combining upstream and downstr...

November 11,2020.

SAT NANO achieves mass production of zirconium carbide nanpowder 200nm

Zirconium carbide is a hard, high melting point material and an excellent high temperature refractory material. Used as a raw material for solid propellant in rocket motors. Used to produce alloy steel. It is also the raw material for producing metal...

January 24,2019.

2019 Chinese Spring Festival holiday notice

To All employees of the company: The annual Lunar New Year is already in sight. I wish all the staff a happy New Year and all the best! The specific arrangements for our 2019 holiday are as follows: Spring Festival holiday in 2019 (15 days): January ...

January 7,2019.

High-quality single-layer tungsten disulfide powder achieves low-cost large-area production

Recently, Ren Wencai, a researcher at the Advanced Carbon Materials Research Department of the National Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made new progress in the preparation of large-are...

  • Plasma 2000 full spectrum inductively coupled plasma spectrometer

    August 22,2018.

    Instrument Description: It can be used for sample analysis in various fields and disciplines such as geology, metallurgy, rare earth and magnetic materials, environment, medicine and health, biology, ocean, petroleum, chemical new materials, nuclear industry, agriculture, food commodity inspection, water quality and so on. It can quickly and accurately detect about 70 elements from trace to constant. Instrument characteristics Excellent optical system 2. Solid-state high-efficiency RF generator, smaller in size 3. Process automation, status monitoring and automatic protection 4. Scientific grade detector, extremely high UV quantization efficiency 5. Powerful analytical line 6. Information is intuitive and rich 7. Multi-window multi-method 8. Powerful editing 9. Smart spectrum icon 10. Intelligent interference correction Instrument parameters: 1. Optical system: mid-step two-dimensional spectroscopic optical system, focal length 400mm 2. Spectral range: 165nm~900nm, optical resolution: 0.007nm (at 200nm) 3. Grating specification: echelle grating, 52.67 reticle/mm, size: 100mm x 50mm 4. Transistor solid state RF generator, compact and efficient 5. 40.68MHz frequency improves signal-to-noise ratio and improves detection limit 6. Automatic matching adjustment 7. Fully assembled torch reduces maintenance costs 8. Computer controlled variable speed 10 roller four or two peristaltic pumps with fast cleaning 9. Good stability of experimental data: repeatability RSD ≤0.5% (1mg/L) (n=10); stability: RSD ≤2.0% (more than 3 hours)

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  • TopSizer Laser Particle Size Analyzer

    August 22,2018.

    Instrument Description: It can measure both the sample to be dispersed in the liquid and the powder material which cannot be dispersed in the liquid and must be dispersed in the gas. working principle: Using the scattering phenomenon of particles by light, the particle size distribution of the measured particles is estimated based on the distribution of scattered light energy. Through the integration and optimization of optical, mechanical, electronic, computer and other systems, Omega has made the Omega laser particle size analyzer have the advantages of good repeatability, wide dynamic measurement range and simple and convenient operation. Technical indicators: 1. Measurement range: 0.02-2000μm (wet method), 0.1-2000μm (dry method) 2. Measurement principle: full-scale Mie scattering theory 3. Repeatability error: ≤0.5% (standard D50 deviation) 4. Accuracy error: ≤ ± 1% (standard D50 deviation) 5. Measurement speed: normal measurement is completed within 10 seconds 6 injection method: Wet method: using high-power precision centrifugal pump, the stirring speed can reach 4000 rev / min, built-in ultrasound, stepless adjustable; Dry method: Dispersion particle size range: 0.1 ~ 2000μm, dispersion working pressure: 0.05 ~ 0.6MPa stepless adjustable, injection speed: 0 ~ 100% stepless adjustable. 7. Optical path system: Dual light source design, using imported HeNe laser with a wavelength of 0.6328 microns; and a semiconductor blue light source with a wavelength of 0.466 microns, greatly improving the resolution of nano-sized particles and a small number of large particles. The laser power is always stable and the power fluctuation is less than 0.5%; The instrument is designed to meet international laser safety regulations and has automatic laser beam protection; The folding optical path is adopted, and the high-precision all-aluminum optical platform is stable and reliable for a long time; Single lens design with lens post-Fourier transform structure. The optical path system is completely enclosed, effectively solving the dust pollution problem; The detector is automatically centered. 8. Detector: The number of detection channels is 98. The three-dimensional detection system consists of forward, lateral, large angle and backward photodetectors. The maximum detection angle is 140 degrees and the minimum detection angle is 0.016 degrees. 9. Software function: modular software design, visualization of instrument status, user-friendly operation interface; SOP standard operation flow function; various data analysis models to meet the test needs of different characteristic samples; clear and clear process interface with navigation function With artificial intelligence, the instrument has self-checking function and automatically recognizes the injection system; it can automatically measure the electric background before each measurement, effectively eliminate the influence of electrical noise on the test results; export the measurement data in various ways...

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  • V Sorb 2800S Specific Surface Area Analyzer

    August 22,2018.

    Instrument Description: V-Sorb 2800S is a fully automatic intelligent specific surface area measuring instrument independently developed by Jine Spectrum Technology. It adopts the static capacity method test principle, and many famous scientific research institutes and 500 enterprise application cases. Compared with domestic similar products, the test process of the Jine spectrum nitrogen adsorption specific surface area analyzer is more stable, reaching the advanced level of international similar products, and some functions exceed foreign products. Test methods and functions: nitrogen adsorption vacuum capacity method (vacuum static method), adsorption and desorption isotherm determination, BET specific surface area measurement (single point and multi-point), Langmuir method specific surface area measurement, average particle size estimation, sample true Density determination, t-plot diagram external specific surface area determination; Measuring range: 0.01 (m2 / g) - to no upper limit (specific surface area); Measurement accuracy: repeatability error is less than 1.5%; Vacuum system: V-Sorb's original cartridge-type pipeline and solenoid valve control system greatly reduces the dead volume of the pipeline, improves the sensitivity of detecting trace changes of adsorbed gas, and improves the resolution of specific surface area measurement. The piping reduces the connection point and greatly improves the sealing and the service life of the instrument; Liquid level control: V-Sorb's original liquid nitrogen surface control system ensures that the position of the liquid nitrogen surface relative to the sample tube remains unchanged throughout the test, completely eliminating the measurement error introduced by the dead volume change; Control system: It adopts programmable controller solenoid valve control system, high integration and anti-interference ability to improve the stability and service life of the instrument; Number of samples: 2 sample analyses and 2 sample degassing treatments; Pressure measurement: Imported dual pressure sensor with pressure segmentation measurement, significantly improved test accuracy at low P/Po points, 0-1000 Torr (0-133 Kpa), 0-10 Torr (0-1.33 Kpa) (optional) Pressure accuracy: imported silicon film pressure sensor, the accuracy reaches 0.15% of the actual reading, which is better than 0.15% of the full range, far higher than the accuracy of the Pirani resistance vacuum gauge (the general error is 10%-15%); Partial pressure range: P/Po accurate control range up to 5x10-6-0.995; Ultimate vacuum: 4x10-2Pa (3x10-4Torr); Sample type: powder, granule, fiber and sheet material; Test gas: high purity N2 gas (99.999%) or other (optional as Ar, Kr); Data acquisition: high-precision and high-integration data acquisition module with small error and strong anti-interference ability; Data processing: Windows compatible data processing software, complete functions, simple operation, multi-mode data analysis, graphical data an...

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  • O-3000 oxygen analyzer

    August 22,2018.

    Instrument Description: It can quickly and accurately measure the oxygen content in steel, rare earth materials, alloys, copper, zirconium, titanium, ceramics, powder materials and other inorganic materials. The instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, good performance, wide measuring range and accurate and reliable analysis results. 1. Reliable sample extraction unit Pulse furnace power control heating (0-8KVA), the maximum temperature can reach 3000 °C. A variety of programming methods: constant power temperature rise, slope temperature rise. A variety of choices of crucible design: for different sample release, in addition to the standard crucible, 2. Oxygen analysis using non-dispersive infrared detection system 3. Modular detection unit Infrared detection unit: standard configuration Oxygen and nitrogen analyzer is equipped with two independent infrared absorption cells, which can flexibly configure the length of the absorption pool and the number of channels according to user requirements. Detector: using German imported pyroelectric solid-state infrared CO2 detector Motor: Swiss imported synchronous motor, continuous operation without failure Light source: It adopts infrared light source imported from the United States, which is not easy to oxidize and has stable optical performance. Constant temperature: The entire chamber is thermostatically controlled to ensure constant temperature of the analytical gas and ensure measurement accuracy; Protective gas: The infrared light source and detector use nitrogen protection and purification to isolate the influence of the surrounding environment and improve stability and measurement accuracy. Instrument parameters: 1. Analysis range Oxygen: low oxygen: 0.0001% to 0.5% hyperoxia: 0.5% to 20% Note: Changing the sample size can change the measurement range. 2. Analysis accuracy: 1ppm or 1% Note: It is not more than the standard deviation or uncertainty of the sample. 3. Sensitivity: 0.01ppm

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  • CS-2800 high frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer

    August 22,2018.

    Instrument Description: It is suitable for the accurate determination of carbon and sulfur content in black, colored, ceramic, rare earth and magnetic materials in various industries such as metallurgy, machinery, scientific research, chemical industry and commodity inspection quality inspection. Measurement range : Low carbon : 0.0001-0.2% (1) High carbon : -6% (2) Low sulfur : 0.0001-0.3% (1) Note: (1) can be set according to user needs. (2) Other measurement ranges can be determined according to user needs. Sensitivity: Carbon : 0.00001% Low sulfur : 0.00001% Precision (sample detection): Low carbon : 0.0001% or 1% (relative deviation) Low sulfur : 0.0001% or 1% (relative deviation) High carbon: 0.01% or 0.5% (relative deviation) Sample weighing : usually 0.5g Analysis time : 40 seconds Burning furnace : high frequency induction furnace 18MHz; 2.2KVA Dust cleaning : automatic Detector : Solid state infrared detector Chemical reagents : magnesium perchlorate, alkali asbestos Carrier gas : oxygen 99.5%; 0.2-0.4MPa Power gas : Nitrogen or compressed air 0.2-0.4MPa Power supply: 230VAC±10% 50/60Hz, maximum 15A Quality : about 90kg Dimensions : 790 × 570 × 770cm (length × width × height)

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