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Warmly celebrate the 2019 New Year's Day holiday

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July 1,2022.

Customized service about SAT NANO Nanomaterials

In addition to supplying some conventional nano-powder nano-materials, SAT NANO can also customize nano-materials for enterprises according to customer requirements, helping enterprises to upgrade their products. Specific services include: 1. Customi...

June 6,2022.

Low-cost manganese dioxide semi-solid electrodes for flow batteries

Manganese dioxide (MnO2) is abundant in reserves and inexpensive, and is expected to be used as a semi-solid electrode for long-life energy storage technologies such as flow batteries. However, the pumping requirements of semi-solid electrodes are mo...

April 19,2022.

New products and new technologies, SAT NANO provides various nanoparticle dispersions

The dispersion of nanomaterials has always been the key and difficult point in the application of nanomaterials. If nanomaterials are not sufficiently dispersed, the characteristics of nanomaterials cannot be exerted. SAT NANO technical engineers hav...

April 15,2022.

SAT Nano: How to realize the industrialization of precious metal nano powder materials step by step?

Precious metal nanomaterials, as a new class of materials, are used in various fields such as electronics, chemical industry, machinery, energy, metallurgy, ceramics and transportation, biology and medicine. The industrialization of precious metal na...

March 2,2022.

What is the market demand, industry output and development prospects of nano copper powder?

Nano copper powder is red brown or black powder. The copper atoms in nano copper powder are the same as those in ordinary copper powder, but the copper particles of nano copper powder are small, and the chemical properties are more active. Nano coppe...

December 16,2021.

SAT NANO shoulders the development mission of micro-nano silver powder industry with the spirit of craftsmanship

As an upgraded product of micron silver powder, nano silver powder is widely used in electronic pastes, bioengineering, optical materials, inorganic antibacterial materials, etc. Micron silver powder has great market prospects in high-end silver past...

August 3,2021.

SAT NANO established the spherical tantalum powder medical application division

Since its establishment, SAT NANO has adhered to the development idea of "specializing, specializing and new", giving full play to the advantages of high-quality refractory metal spherical powder preparation technology, combining upstream and downstr...

November 11,2020.

SAT NANO achieves mass production of zirconium carbide nanpowder 200nm

Zirconium carbide is a hard, high melting point material and an excellent high temperature refractory material. Used as a raw material for solid propellant in rocket motors. Used to produce alloy steel. It is also the raw material for producing metal...

January 24,2019.

2019 Chinese Spring Festival holiday notice

To All employees of the company: The annual Lunar New Year is already in sight. I wish all the staff a happy New Year and all the best! The specific arrangements for our 2019 holiday are as follows: Spring Festival holiday in 2019 (15 days): January ...

January 7,2019.

High-quality single-layer tungsten disulfide powder achieves low-cost large-area production

Recently, Ren Wencai, a researcher at the Advanced Carbon Materials Research Department of the National Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made new progress in the preparation of large-are...

Warmly celebrate the 2019 New Year's Day holiday

December 29,2018.

New Year's Day is the beginning of our new year and the first holiday of our new year. The new weather plus the new holiday is a new good mood.

Thanks to new and old customers for their support and trust in our company's nano materials. In 2019, our company will work harder to provide customers with better nano powder and services.

In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2019", the Group's 2019 New Year's Day holiday arrangements are hereby notified as follows:

First, the holiday schedule

1. The company's holiday time is: December 30, 2018, January 1, 2019, 3 days off. On December 29th (Saturday), I will go to work.

2. If there is any change, please notify us.

Second, other matters

1. The main person in charge of each department of the group should keep the communication open. In case of major and unexpected events, it should be reported in time and decisively disposed of properly.

2. All departments of the group should arrange vacation shifts, clarify responsibilities, and implement various tasks. The duty officer made a duty record and found the abnormality to report the duty leader in time and deal with it accordingly.

3. All departments should strengthen safety inspections before holidays and implement safety measures such as fire prevention and theft prevention.

4. The issues to be resolved during the holiday period, such as operations and corporate affairs, will be reported to the duty leaders on the day, and the relevant issues will be resolved in a timely manner under the leadership of the duty leader.

5. During the festival, all departments of the group will be on duty to ensure the smooth flow of information.

It is hereby notified.

SAT nano Technology Material Co., Ltd.

SAT nano is elements like Aluminum nanoparticle, Boron nanoparticle, Copper nanoparticle,Nickelnanoparticle, Silver nanoparticle, Tungsten nanoparticle …and the metal oxides like Al2O3, Bi2O3, CuO, SiO2, WO3, ZnO…, nitrides like AlN, BN, Si3N4, TiN…, carbides like B4C, SiC, TiC, WC, TaC… stainless steel powder like 304, 316, 316L, 420… Welcome to ask us a price.

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